Cruising~The Catís Meow Style






Martin Hardy and Robin Aitken had known each other for about 15 or 16 years when they (finally!) fell in love and began living together on a boat in the Long Beach area of Southern California. This was in early 1997, when they purchased a boat maintenance business called Yacht Care in San Pedro. Robin and Martin, as well as their cats Toes and Squeak, moved aboard The Catís Meow in late 1998, and began a labor of love to repair and improve her, to ready her for a cruising life.


September 9th, 2000 Martin and Robin were married. They were married on Vacation Isle, in the Mission Bay part of San Diego, by friends Fred and Helen Kaz, also liveaboard boaters. Two months later, November 15th, The Catís Meow left San Diego headed for adventure and a new life in Mexico and beyond.


Welcome to Cruising ~ The Catís Meow Style! The following accounts are here to share with interested friends, family, and folk who just want to know about people who live on boats and travel outside of the USA. Enjoy! Write to us! Follow our adventures, our foibles, and our way of life.


Martin and Robin Hardy

Aboard The Catís Meow

Custom Trawler, 52í