Cruising ~ The Cat’s Meow Style ~ NOT Boat Work

July – September 2004



On another note ~ while we have spent most of our time since June in the pursuit of putting our boat back together, we have found some time to enjoy other activities as well. Here is a synopsis of some of those times  ~ 


Partly out of necessity, and because she really needed to “get away from all of it”, Robin took two weeks in July to travel to California. This gave her the opportunity to pick up the car that Martin’s mom has given to us, and to see some good friends again. This was very important to her, as the experience of almost losing her home and losing many of their belongings did take a toll, emotionally. Robin made Ken & Rhonda Hardy’s home in San Jose her base while she spent time with friends like Cinny, JoAnne, and ‘specially good “old” pals from way back in junior high, Andrea and Kathy.



Ken & Rhonda Hardy, San Jose                             Robin & JoAnne enjoying friendship


Very longtime friends “Andy” & Kathy



It was so very good to spend time in this way. She also had the pleasure of spending a wonderful evening with Mike and Katya, of Kindred Spirit (Sausalito) and was joyous to see Mikey looking WONDERFUL!!!

Katya and Mike of Kindred Spirit, with Robin


Robin also jetted down to Rolling Hills and to San Diego to see good friends Hans and Dianne, and Sheri & George.

A big part of this trip was to locate and check-out many many things for the boat, like appliances, carpeting, navigational instruments, and to buy items needed immediately at the apartment and for the boat, in order to survive the summer in Baja.  Everything had to be replaced for the boat, like plastic ware, glasses, placemats, clothes, toiletries, salt & pepper shaker, etc. etc. etc. Most of her time in California was spent looking and shopping and running around.

Robin flew back to La Paz just in time to celebrate her birthday with friends. We had a grand dinner party with boating friends from Artemis, La Otra, Springbok, Ballena, and Why Not. Then some of us went back to the apartment where our apartment neighbors, Kathleen and Ron (Sandman), had orchestrated a nice celebration on the “roof terrace”, with our landlord Poncho and othersin attendance. A good time was had by all!


Robin’s birthday celebration with friends….                             ….and with more friends on the roof.


About this time, the summer was simmering in La Paz.  Toes, our cat who weighs in at 20 lbs., needed some help to keep cool! His long black fur would not respond to brushing, it was hopelessly matted. So, Toes got his summer hair cut:

Toes with his cooool haircut


Ron and Kathleen, our neighbors here in our little apartment, have become very good friends, and have made our transition to land, and to putting our boat back together, much easier. Sandman was badly damaged during hurricane Marty, so they know what it is like to put a boat back together. Sandman was finally re-launched in late July. We were invited to enjoy the boat, and the nearby island, along with a few other friends, for a wonderful afternoon of fun and frolic in early August.  It was soooo great to be out on the water once again, and it steeled both of us to get our boat ready for just the same kind of fun!

September 9th marked our fourth wedding anniversary. We took a break from the boat, booked a room at the very nice El Moro hotel here in La Paz, and relaxed for the entire day. Friends Susan and Dennis (Two Can Play) and neighbors Kathleen and Ron helped us enjoy the evening with champagne and flowers, and a very nice dinner. 


Anniversary #4                                                                                   Two Can Play Dennis & Susan help celebrate


September 15th is the Mexican Independence day, celebrated big time all throughout the country. Some of our local (Mexican) friends took us to the celebration in the middle of the city, at the Governor’s office complex. It was fun to see the families, the folklorico dancers, the “balloon-men”, and to taste the great food, to enjoy the evening of celebration and hoopla.


Watching folklorico dancers                                                     Enjoying local friends and food



So went the summer of 2004. Some of it was definitely fun!

Read on for more of our “NOT boat work” escapades…. Cruising ~ The Cat’s Meow Style!