Cruising  ~ The Cat’s Meow Style ~  November and December, 2012
Happy Holidays!

After spending almost three months in the States, we made it back to our home, The Cat’s Meow, in Puerto Escondido just barely in time for the holidays. Whew! Not only was it time to have lots of holiday cheer, both of Martin’s daughters and grand daughter were arriving!!
It was very nice to be welcomed back by friends on Air Ops, Cloud Nine, and Elvin and Connie. We all gathered at Connie and Elvin’s palapa home for a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixin’s, and it was very tasty!! Connie cooked, Merry and Chris helped a lot, and Robin was the photog.



                                               Connie cooking and the gang for turkey dinner                                                                   Our view during dinner

Daughters Deb and Robin and grand daughter Brianna arrived the Saturday after T-day for a week, staying in the quaint Mexican hotel just down the road from the harbor. They were here to celebrate Martin’s biiig 75th birthday, and we did it up fine with an “open boat” party, attended by quite a few of our neighbors and friends.

                                                      Martin ~ the birthday guy                                                                       (daughter) Robin, Brianna, Deb, and Martin, top deck

                                                            Friends in the salon and galley……                                                                                 ….friends in the lanai room, too.


                                                                 A huff and a puff….
                                                                                                                    (photo by Robin Godfrey)                                            

    While the “girls” were here, there was some sun bathing, kayaking, singing, and relaxing, as well.


                       One evening, Brianna entertained the dining guests and Pedro, the owner, at Porto Bello restaurant.

After the Thanksgiving holiday and the birthday frivolity, the next biggee was Christmas, of course. TCM was on the dock (a very rare occurance!), and so was the beautiful sportfishing boat, Bad Company. Robert and family did the holidays up real well, with a real Christmas tree on the deck, and a party on the Eve. Very fun, very cheery.

                                Robert, family and the tree on Bad Company                                              Everyone was having a cheery time Christmas Eve!

Since we had a full tummy on Christmas day from the Christmas Eve party on Bad Company, Robin didn’t even cook our turkey dinner until the 26th of the month. When she did, Martin said “Mmmmm good! Merry Christmas!”

Friends who come and go, in and out of the Loreto area, were here once more and we happened to catch up with them a few days before the end of this year. Mike and Lauren invited us for a “sleep over” at their Loreto home, where we met Lauren’s mom and sister, too. It was all a lot of fun and a great way to end the year.

                                                                         Dinner with Mike, Lauren, and family

   The end of 2011 was quite stressful for us, as Martin was scheduled for his surgery early in January of 2012. He has made it through his 75th year, he is feeling quite well, and he is back to being his “old self” again. We have much to be thankful for, including our fantastic friends and family, and the chance to continue living this vida loca!

Come back to find out what in the world we will be doing in 2013……Cruising ~ The Cat’s Meow Style!