Cruising  ~ The Cat’s Meow Style ~  July through December - 2010

More good times, pt. 1


Hello to all, and many thanks to each of you for coming back to see us at Cruisin’, The Cat’s Meow style!! We finally and I do mean finally have figured out the glitch that kept us from uploading our stories for over a year. Wow. More than a year. And, of course, it was a simple, little, stupid glitch. O well. Here we are now, ready to tell our stories and share our memories and photos with you.


Instead of going back over most of the time we have “missed” since our last story, we will try to just “hit the highlights”, OK?!


The rest of 2010


July 4th is celebrated by the US ex-pats, and we decided to join other cruiser-types at an annual party given by Geary, who has a beach-house (at the water’s edge…) in what is called Bahia de Concepcion (Conception Bay), north of Pto. Escondido. We drove the four hours up Mex 1 in our Bounder RV and spent the next few days enjoying the bay, the boaters, the food, and the fun!!



                 Hotdog Geary, host of the 4th of July bash                                                        Keeping cool on the 4th, cruisin’ style


September 16th is Mexican Independence Day, and Mexicans are very proud people who love to have fun! So, the Singlar marina staff joined the Hidden Port Yacht Club to celebrate this occasion together. Arrachera, marinated strip steak that is BBQ’d and eaten in tacos, and all of the other side dishes were prepared and enjoyed by all. Happy music was played, and some of our friends demonstrated their very happy dance steps, which everyone enjoyed as well.



                        Food is prepared for typical Mexican feasting                                          Constanza shows us how it is done, Mexicana style




                                                                                                 Rachel & Raphael know the moves


After having more fun for Hallowe’en, 

                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Red Queen (OFF with their heads!!) and the Mad Hatter attended the Hallowe’en party


we had a chance to attend the annual paella contest. The venue for this event is at the grounds of the nearby Loreto Bay restaurant. What a beautiful setting! Teams from all over the area compete, and the lucky attendees get to sample as many of the paellas as we want. Yummmm!!



                                     Loreto Bay grounds                                                                                            Hector’s paella



                                                                   Robin & Martin get to sample the goods!!


Robin has some very special friends in the Bay Area of California, and she joined two of them whom she has known since junior high…..gads…..for a wine tasting trip in the Napa Valley during the month of November. The first stop on the trip was in San Jose to visit Ken & Rhonda Hardy, just in time for fresh Dungeness crab for dinner! And….Robin’s cousin Sharla (who lives in Ohio) was actually visiting San Jose at the same time and had her first Dungeness crab dinner – yumm yumm!!!  



                                             Crabby Ken                                                       Rhonda & Sharla enjoying Dungeness crab dinner


Kathy, Andrea, and Robin filled their time with a trip to the spa and some very nice sampling of very nice wines.



                   Robin’s buddies, Kathy and Andrea                                                   Gorgeous vineyards, beautiful weather in the wine country


Each year each of us strives to make our personal circumnavigation around the sun, and Martin made it around one more time on November 25th. Friends gathered on the Iron Maiden, hosted by Bill and Laura, to celebrate.


           Friends celebrate ANOTHER birthday for Martin aboard the Iron Maiden


And, of course, Christmas comes around each year, as well, and it is yet another reason to celebrate. (My, we DO celebrate a lot of things, don’t we….??!) So, we did. 



                    Pre-Christmas  Holiday festivities                                                                        The Grinch showed-up




                                                   Santa showed-up                                                                    ….but….who is THAT??




                         Kids of all ages had piñata fun                                                           Christmas Eve, Pedro put on the buffet extraordinaire



Yes, we had a very good year in 2010. We hope that you did too.


Please take a peek at our next page, to continue with the highlights, this time for the year 2011….more of Cruisin’ ~ The Cat’s Meow Style…….


But…..just to remind you that not every day is fun and frolicking for us on TCM, here is another side of our story:


                                          A “norther” in the port