Cruising  ~ The Cat’s Meow Style ~  August ~ November 2012

Our Circumnavigation of the Lower 48

Pt. 2  From Ohio to New York




In part 1 of our circumnavigation of the lower 48, we drove from our home in Baja, Mexico, to Ohio.

We left Robin’s cousin in Ohio well rested and ready for more adventures. By now, we are getting used to the idea of following our noses and our whims.

Since we were passing close to Niagara Falls…well, we went there! We only spent the day, had a good look at the falls, enjoyed the people and the tourist shop, and got back on the road.


                                                                                                             Niagara Falls, on a rainy windy day




Finally, we made it all the way to Boothbay Harbor, Maine! Whodathunkit?? That is where we spent a few days with cruisers Jaye & Irwin (of Winsome) at the family’s very nice “cottage” and the environs of the lobster fishermen. Yummmy!!!



                                        Maine lobsters, fresh from the ocean!                                                                                             And they were tasty!!!



                                                                                                  Picturesque Boothbay Harbor, Maine


Martin had been looking for a new dinghy for us, for months. Where did he finally find one? Why, in Maine, of course!!! So, there we were, in Maine with a dinghy on a trailer…..  a long long way from home.


                        Our new-to-us dinghy……in Maine. A long way from the boat…..


                                                                                                             (That says Massachusetts)


Our next stop was Ipswitch, just outside of Boston, Mass. Friends Cathleen & John allowed us (and our dinghy) to visit and do some exploring We did a hop-on, hop-off tour of Boston, saw so many great and historic locations. We even had Boston crème pie!!



                                                   Old South Meeting House                                                                           Old State House



                                                                                                              Great old architecture


Cathleen & John took us to Salem, where we saw the new memorial to those people killed during the witch hunt and massacre.



                       A marker for one person who was hanged for being a witch                                                                    BOOOO!! It was purrrty scary!!


 By this time, we were seeing some of the fall colors in the trees. What a glorious sight!! It was also rainy, so getting decent photos was a challenge.



Robin’s cousin Becky and family have owned & operated the Berkshire East ski lodge in western Mass. for over 30 years, and Robin had never been there before. Finally we had the chance to see it. Great family time, too.



                   Berkshire East ski slope in the summer                                                                                 Gramma Becky with newest grandchild 



Remember that dinghy, and the problem getting it to the Baja? Our good friend, Colin ~ of the South Africa fame, please refer to our August 2011 update ~ lives a few miles from cousin Becky (amazing!) and he agreed to tow our dinghy from his home in Massachusetts all the way to Puerto Escondido on the Baja!! The wonder of it all. 



                                                                                    New York


Next:  NEW YORK CITY!! We finally made it!!! It was rainy and cool, but we got out and saw a lot, did a lot. What a place!!


There was Times Square and an evening at B.B. King’s….




…Central Park, and a visit to the 9/11 memorial….




…followed by the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Wall Street. Robin wondered about what exactly Wall Street looked like…was it really a street? Yes, quite a small street, but with a LOT of history.




                                                    THE Statue                                                       Empire State Bldg.                                         New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street


From the “top” of the Empire State Building, a sight to remember:




This has all been so much fun, and so interesting. There is so much more to come!! We just got started on the east coast!!

Please, come right back for some more of this circumnavigation of the lower 48…………..Cruising ~ The Cat’s Meow Style!