Cruising  ~ The Cat’s Meow Style ~ August ~ November 2012

Our Circumnavigation of the Lower 48

Also Seen……



Here we bring you a few sights, “also seen”, on the road and during our road trip.

Just some things to make you laugh……or smile………



 Biiiig pancakes



 Da girls in Las Vegas



 Da girls on da wall



 Da “naked Indian”



 Statue Girl



 Voodoo dolls



  Steph and Pooters II



 Statue Boys



 Capitol Dome



 Statue Barbie



 Biiig horse’s ass!






 Heh heh!! Political Promises….



 One little change….



 NY Stock Exchange flag



 Bathing Beauty



 Happy at Mojitos



Well, now that we have brought you along on our circumnavigation of the lower 48, we hope you have enjoyed all of the sights along the way.


Do come back! We will keep on cruisin’ along….by land or by sea…… ~ The Cat’s Meow Style!