Cruising The Cat’s Meow Style  ~  April, May 2005

Loreto Fest



Hola from warm and sunny La Paz, Baja California Sur  ~  Thanks for visiting our Cruising, The Cat’s Meow style website. There have been many changes at The Cat’s Meow, mostly interior work with some paint put on the old girl’s hull, too. Things have been changing and getting done quite quickly on the boat just in the last week.  It is difficult to write about it, because tomorrow there will be more changes!! And, we want you to see and read about the latest Loreto Fest, which we attended the very end of April and beginning of May. Sooo, here goes:



                        Robin’s favorite view ~ from the grounds of the Loreto Fest, Pto. Escondido


Let’s do the Loreto Fest, first.  About 10 years ago, some folks who had boats and who lived most of the time in the harbor of Puerto Escondido, a few miles outside of Loreto on the Baja peninsula coastline, decided to get people together for a dual purpose: to have fun and to initiate a bay clean-up. That small gathering has grown each year in size and in the number and kinds of activities. Now, the Loreto Fest is well known within the Mexican cruising community as a very fun way to get together with other boaters, and to give something to the local Loreto communities. The Loreto Fest is organized by the hard-working people of the Hidden Port (Puerto Escondido) Yacht Club. While the boaters and some land-lubbers alike are having a great time, they are also raising monies which are shared with the people of Loreto and of the smaller surrounding communities. Children have been the primary target for the funds that are raised and donated by the Hidden Port Yacht Club to a variety of organizations, schools, and very needy families in the area. The people who attend the Loreto Fest, mostly people cruising in Mexico on their boats, arrive for a four-day fun-filled time. There are all types of activities, including seminars on such topics as water makers and auto pilots, games, a dinghy race, a kayak & dinghy parade, a short sailboat race, hot dogs and beer and sodas all day and night, potlucks, spaghetti dinner, pancake breakfast…… and music under the stars each night. What is not to enjoy??!

Since TCM is not quite ready for cruising to Pto. Escondido, Martin caught a ride on Two Can Play, and Robin drove the truck (with kitties) to the Fest site.

Martin was the committee head for the horseshoe games again this year. He does a really great job of making sure that everyone knows the tournament is strictly for fun and not a highly competitive activity, and that everyone who plays gets to play at least three games.  All who played at horseshoes had a great time, including people who had never thrown a shoe before in their lives! And, Martin was on the winning team, paired up with Lance of the sailing vessel Milagro. (Honest… all fair and square!!)

Robin divided her time at the Fest between helping to sell T-shirts and burgees, and just having fun seeing people we had not seen for about a year, meeting new cruisers, and relaxing. Many questions were asked about the sinking and rescue of TCM….and it was great to be able to tell those interested that she is coming along fine! It does amaze us how many people are still talking about that event, almost one year later……

We think that the Loreto Fest was a hit, and that the folks who attended went away feeling good. Here are some photos in an attempt to demonstrate what goes on during the Loreto Fest:


  Elvin and Connie play on opposing teams at horseshoes



 Mexican Train dominoes and crafts tables                          Necklace made for the silent auction



 Bartender Joe                                                                            Serious chess



 Dancers from Loreto Cultural Center                                     Dancing of another type…Rockin’ Robin



We were very fortunate to stay with our friends Kenny and Nancy, of the SV Brandywine, at their comfortable palapa home in the nearby community of Juncalito during and after the Fest.  Palapa homes are made-up of a RV or 5th wheel that is covered with a palapa (frond roof structure), and usually includes outdoor living quarters, sometimes an outdoor shower, decks, etc. Kenny and Nancy even have a really cool hanging bed up on their top deck, overlooking the cove of Juncalito!

Immediately after the Fest ended, Martin had the opportunity to go out on the waters with Dennis and Susan of the SV Two Can Play, to check-out and “tweak” his auto pilot program. It was VERY helpful and we thank Dennis and Susan  for their assistance, time, and energy!



 The Brandywine Palapa home and Kenny                         Tweaking the SparePilot on Two Can Play


Toes and Squeak attended the Loreto Fest along with us, but they stayed in the truck, under shade trees and in Kenny’s covered parking area to keep cool. They are such great travelers! It makes it easier for Robin, especially, to have her “kids” along when traveling away from the boat.



                                                                 Traveling kitties



Read on for the latest in The Cat’s Meow and her new look, and more

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